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privacy policy

last revised on 30 september 2021

We're committed to your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. It is one of the core focuses in our development so that you can trust us, and our App, with 100% confidence.

When creating our Service we do not compromise your privacy. We use experts in development, data safety and security, legal, product design and more. We do this to provide you the most protection while using our App.

We want to be transparent with our customers in respect to how we handle their data. We want you to understand and know exactly what we do, and how we do it, to keep your data safe.

Finally, we work extremely hard to keep your information safe and secure. This is done through secure features, independent servers, security efforts, constant monitoring and updating and more.

privacy policy

about us

This Privacy Policy is for our Website and App which is operated by “Intro Dating Pty Ltd” (also “we”, “our” or “us”). We are a registered Australian company trading under the Australian Company Number (ACN) 648 514 998. You can contact us by emailing or visiting the Contact Us page on our Official Website (“Website”). We control and hold all data including any personal information that may be collected and processed through our Website and our App. Your data will never be sold to a third party. If you wish to discuss any of your data which may have been collected, please contact us at  with the subject line “I want to talk about my data”. Include your best contact details within the email and any requests you may have. More information about the data we collect can be found in the rest of our Privacy Policy.

1. application of this privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all Websites, Services and Apps (“Services”) that are operated and controlled by Intro Dating Pty Ltd.

This Privacy Policy may be amended, revised or revoked at our sole discretion from time to time. We will give notice of any material amendments to this Privacy Policy on our Website.

2. collected information

In order to provide you the best experience when using our Services we do need to collect personal information from you. This includes information about you when you join, along with other information that is collected whilst you use our Service. It may also include information provided by Third Parties such as your social media account.

The collected information may include:

Information That Is Provided By You
When joining and using our Services, you may provide us with:
- Your login credentials which may include your mobile/cell phone number, your email and/or your social media account
- Information about your age and gender
- Information about your personality, lifestyle, interests and other personal details about you (such as the information you put into your bio and/or tagline)
- Content showing you such as photos and videos (including the audio in videos, where applicable)
- Permission to access your camera or photo album
- “Special” or “sensitive” information such as your racial or ethnic origins, sexual orientation and/or religious beliefs where applicable - by choosing to provide this information, you consent to us processing said information
- Details of your payment service provider with information such as your debit or credit card number, or your other financial information, when subscribing to our paid features
- Delicate, sensitive or private information when you participate in our surveys or focus groups, along with insights into our products and services, responses to our questions and testimonials
- Information used to enter into our promotions, events or contests, which may not be included in your Intro Account and is additional information
- If you make contact with our customer service team we collect the information given to us during this interaction, at times we may also monitor this information to ensure we provide you with the best customer experience possible and can train our team to continue to provide this service
- Information provided by you when you chat with other users
- Content published by you in the course of using our Service or in order to use our Service

Information That Is Provided By Others
On top of the information you may provide, we may receive more information about you from other Users of the App or Service including:
- Private and/or confidential information that has been provided by another User about you in circumstances where they have contacted us about you (for example if you have been reported)
- Your social media login details is provided by the social media network that you use to login, which provides us with information about you
- Third Parties such as advertisers may provide us with information about you, such as in circumstances where ads are running, to determine whether or not the advertising space is working or needs improvement, and to make sure our advertising space is providing you with relevant advertising

Information We Collect When You Use Our Services
Whilst using our Service we may collect information about you to ensure we provide you with the best experience possible, and to understand how you use our Service, and to improve and enhance the operation of our Service. This information may include:
- Usage information such as your activity on our Service (for example the date and time you logged in, where you logged in from, which features you use, what you click on, which pages you visit, any referring websites you visit and advertisements that you may click on) and how you interact with other Users of our Service (for example how many Users you swipe yes or no to, how many Users you match with, how often you match with other Users, how often you use the chat feature etc)

We may collect information about the device you use including:
- Hardware and software information such as your IP address, the device type, your device ID (where applicable), app settings, app crash reports, advertising ID (where applicable), browser type, version, language, operating system, time zones and other identifiers with cookies or other technologies that may provide us with unique identifiers about your device or browser
- Information about your connection including both wireless and mobile, such as your service provider and your connection/signal strength whilst using our Service
- Information on device sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses

- Other information we may collect with your consent includes your precise geolocation (latitude and longitude) which may be collected through GPS, bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connections - this information may occur in the background from time to time, including when you are not using our Service, if you give us permission to do so. If you decline permission for us to collect your geolocation information, we will not collect it.

3. cookies & similar data collection technologies

In order to understand how you use our Service we use (and may allow others to use) cookies and similar technologies (for example Pixels) to recognise you and/or your device/s. Please view our Cookie Policy for more information on when and why we use them and how you can control their use through your settings.

4. how we use your information

The primary reason we collect your information is to better understand how you interact with our Service and how we can make our Service better and safer for you. We also use your information to ensure our advertising partners provide you with relevant advertisements.

Some ways we may use your information include:

To Provide Our Service To You
This includes creating and managing your account, providing you with support, allowing you to make purchases through our Service, communicating with you about our Service including updates, features and promotions, and getting your feedback on our Service.

To Help You Find Matches With Other Users
In order to match you with Users you’re most likely to relate to, we analyse your profile and activity, preferences and locations. We use this information to show your profile to other Users, and vice versa. This information helps us narrow down which Users may be best suited for you, giving you the best experience possible when using our Service.

To Ensure A Great Experience
Our Service needs to work on a wide range of platforms and devices, so the information you provide may be used to ensure we understand how our Service performs on different devices in order to make sure it is working optimally.

To Always Keep You Connected
We may use your information to link any devices that you use to login to our Service so that your Account and Content is always available.

To Provide You With Relevant Offers & Ads
Your information can be used to enter into certain promotions that we may conduct from time to time. It is also used to ensure we provide you with any offers, promotions or ads that are relevant to you. This helps us provide you with the best possible experience whilst using our Service.

To Improve & Develop
The information you provide is useful for us to continually improve our Service and develop any new features or Services. We analyse our User data in order to understand which functionality Users are enjoying and which they are not. We also use this information to determine which new features need to be implemented, and how we can prioritise the release of new features.

To Keep You & All User’s Safe
Whilst we collect your information, we also collect the information of other Users. This helps keep you safe from misbehaviour online or offline, fraudulent activities, spam or harassment, and more, when using our Services. At the same time, this information is also collected about you to protect other Users.

To Remain Legally Compliant
We will always comply with applicable legal requirements in relation to your personal information which we collect and process. This includes the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The priority of collecting and processing personal information is and always will be to provide you with the best experience possible. This may include bettering our match algorithm, updating our Service user experience and/or user interface, to understand who our Users are and how we can relate to them, to understand what our Users wants and needs are and more. You are always our priority and your information is the best way we can service you better. We may also use your information in circumstances where reports have been made to investigate the matter. For all the information we collect and use, we will always ask for your consent, whether that be when joining, or if further consent is required.

5. how your information is shared

There are various ways which your information may be shared including:

With Other Users
By creating an Account, uploading Content and submitting information to our Service you are voluntarily disclosing your information. This information is then shown to other Users of the Service. Please ensure that you only provide information that you are willing to share publicly.

With Third Parties
From time to time we may share your information with Third Parties for the purposes of improving our Service. Third Parties may consult, manage or help us with data hosting, maintenance, marketing, development, analytics, customer service, advertising, payment processing, security and more. We will only share your information if it is essential to the required service.

We may also share your information in hashed form to any advertising partners. Along with this, your Account will be linked to your interests and other traits that are not directly accessible to advertisers (i.e. you may see an ad about fashion if you show interest in fashion, but an advertiser will not know you or have direct access to your information). This helps keep any ads relevant to you.

Any Third Party that we bring onboard will undergo thorough vetting and may be subject to a non-disclosure agreement prior to working with us.

With Any Service That We May Operate
If we choose to operate a similar Service to this one, and only if it may benefit you, we will share your information across to the new Service.

For Corporate Transactions
If we are involved, whether in whole or in part, in a merger, sale, acquisition, divestiture, restructure, reorganisation, dissolution, bankruptcy, or any other change of ownership or control, your information may be transferred to the new entity or to whomever is required to have it.

If Required By Law
If required, we may transfer your information in order to comply with any laws or legal processes, such as court orders, subpoenas or search warrants. We may also be required to transfer your information to the government or another law enforcement agency for the purposes of legal investigation or other legal requirements. Your information may also be transferred if it can be useful to assist in the prevention or detection of a crime (where applicable) or to protect the safety of another User or any other person.

To Protect & Enforce Our Legal Rights
We may share or disclose information if disclosure would mitigate our liability in an actual or threatened lawsuit brought against or presented by us, if it is necessary to protect our legal rights and the legal rights of any of our Users, partners, business associates or any other interested party, to enforce any of our Agreements with you or another User, and to investigate, prevent or take any other action in regards to illegal activity, suspected fraud or crime, or any other wrongdoing.

With Your Consent
From time to time we may request your consent to share your information with Third Parties. This will only be done with your permission (except in the circumstances described below) and you will be provided with information as to why we want to share this.

If the information being shared is non-personal (i.e. information about you that does not directly identify you) we may not request your consent, as there will be no way for a Third Party to identify you from this information.

At Your Request
If you request information to be shared, whether with yourself or with another person or Third Party, we will do so where appropriate, applicable and available. To request your information please contact us at

6. cross-border transfers of data

Sharing of information pursuant to Section 5 of this Privacy Policy may sometimes involve cross-border data transfers. We will ensure we comply with all legal requirements to do this, such as where our Service allows for users to be located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), and where their personal information is required to be transferred outside of the EEA, we will use standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission or any other suitable safeguard to permit data transfer from the EEA to other countries.

7. your rights & tools to protect them

In order to keep you in control of your data and information, we provide you with the following tools:

Your Account settings will allow you to change or delete any information that you provide to us.

Most mobile devices and platforms have permissions for specific types of device data and notifications. At any time you can change your settings on your mobile device or platform to either provide or deny permissions. Be mindful that if some permissions are required for our Service to perform, you may not be able to access certain features by denying access.

Account Deletion
At any time you may delete your Account by visiting the Settings page.

Contacting Us
If at any time you are concerned about your privacy please do not hesitate to contact us at Please understand that if you do contact us about your privacy we may ask you to provide proof of identity and some information about your Account that only you would know, in order to identify you.

8. how your information is kept safe

When it comes to your personal information, one of our priorities is to ensure that it’s kept safe and secure from any unauthorised alterations, disclosure or destruction. Although we take every precaution to protect your personal information, we do not promise, nor should it be expected, that your personal information will always be secure.

We regularly monitor our systems for any potential vulnerabilities or attacks, and regularly review our practices to update our security measures.

If we suspect or detect any breach of security, we may suspend your use of all or part of our Service without notice. If you believe your account or information is compromised, please notify us immediately at

9. information retention

Whilst your Account is active (not deleted) in our Service, we will keep your information only for as long as it is required for us pursuant to Section 4 of this document. If you delete your Account, your information will be kept for 3 months before it is deleted. During this period your information will be stored securely and will not be available on the public Service.

There are some circumstances where your information may be required to be kept. In these cases, your information may be anonymised or hashed for your privacy, if required, or kept intact if required. Situations where this may apply include:
- In order to apply with applicable law
- As evidence of our compliance with applicable laws
- There is an issue, claim or dispute that is unresolved and your information is required/relevant until it is resolved
- The information is required to be kept for our business interests, such as for fraud prevention or improving User safety
- To prevent a banned User from opening a new Account

Please note that although our systems are designed to automatically carry out these procedures, we make no guarantee that all information and data will be deleted within any specific time period.

10. minors

All of our Services are restricted to Users aged 18 years of age or older. Under no circumstances do we knowingly permit Users under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information about anyone under the age of 18. If you suspect that a User is under the age of 18 please report them using the report feature in-app.

11. changes to this privacy policy

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy. If any changes are made, we will update the “Last revised” date at the beginning of this document. If required, we will notify you of any changes.

12. contact information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy you may contact us via email at